2012 BMW535 xi

The BMW Project: Phase 1

I have a 2012 BMW 535 i xdrive. I always wanted to make some changes to the car as she always looked great I wanted to make her perform. One thing BMW does that allot of owners are not aware of is the boost is reduced over time to protect the engine and go live longer life. It does not ever go to zero so don’t worry. I have heard anywhere from 7-10 the boost bottoms out at.

First and Never again

The first mods I did was: Dinan exhaust, AFE air system and a Dinan sport tuner. At first they worked fine but once cold weather hit I started getting P112F errors. It turned out to be the AFE airbox. It has to do the with “Manifold Absolute Pressure to Throttle Angle Too High Bank 1”. AFE support was dismal at best and won’t be buying their product again. Doing a bit of research I discovered that others were having issues with their products as well. So I decided to replace it back with the OEM box and the code went away.

Second iteration of my BMW transformation

Take two, I researched alternatives for several days before pulling the trigger on a bootmod3 (BM3) flash. Next was the air box. I started out using the OEM version but wanted something that would give me more air and better sound. boodmod3 users recommended either sticking with OEM or going with K&N. Since I have used K&N in the past I went with that and it s complete setup not just a filter.

I chose to flash my 2012 BMW 535xi with Stage 1 93 Octane to start, at least until I get other components for Stage 2. With the K&N, Dinan Exhaust and BM3 flash I was off. I was surprised that the error did not come back and its dead of winter here which is when I saw the problems the most. Although I have not dynoed the car it is certainly much fast than Dinan sport, it really puts you back in the seat when on Sport mode. I also did the flash of the transmission that really helped with shifts. I also installed a Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipe. I just ordered a BMW MAP Sensor – VDO 13627843531 which is a 3.5 compared to the OEM 2.5. This will allow for more boost without replacing the Turbo but after I ordered it I found out it wont make any difference on my car so will hang on to it for future upgrades.

So just a recap of what I have currently:

  • Dinan Exhaust
  • BM3 Stage 1 Tune
  • Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipe
  • K&N Air System
You can see the Dinan Sport Tuner to the upper right. This is disconnected, just haven’t removed yet
Close up of the new charge pipe

Whats Next?

As much as I would like to have an M Series I am having fun with my current ride. My next wish list is:

  • VRSF Race Intercooler FMIC
  • Evolution Works Down pipe (Catless?)
  • BM3 Stage 2 Tune

Debating the catless down pipe. In PA they do emissions but they don’t use sensors from what I have read. Instead they check for codes, If this is the case the BM3 tune has an option to turn that off.

I will post if changes beyond what I have now actually happen. I never can leave anything alone every vehicle I have owned I did something to it, no stock for me.

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