1979 Camaro Z28 Project: Part 3

Now that the suspension is done it was off too paint. I handed this to Butch on or around fall of 2014/15. He had other jobs and I want in a hurry so he took about 9-10 months to complete. I decided to take it to a local painter not far from where I live. He has a pretty nice setup on his property. Nice paint booth and has done a lot of great work in the past. The nice thing is he is good with metal so I had him do the body mods I wanted along with the body work and paint. He’s a Ford guy but I can forgive him 🙂 I like all cars so don’t sent hate email. Butch’s Rod and Custom in Hellertown did the work but now he is working for a private collector. here is the run down on mods and paint color:

  • Color or Colour depending on your part of the world
    • Porsche “Dark Blue Metallic” PPG color 926015
    • Powder coated black all the bumper components
  • Body Mods
    • Custom functional ram air (Steel) from original hood
    • Vent behind hood delete
    • Fender vents made part of the fender rather then bolted on
    • Lower fender welded to front R/L fenders. Makes it one piece and no seams.
    • Stock three piece spoiler made as one piece and drop down cut in middle
    • Phantom side markers for front
    • Smoothed stock door handles and body color
    • C5 Corvette side mirrors

Phase Three Start

Here is the start of the body mods I will sort out for you what was done in the captions for each photo.

After all the body work and paint I was planning on finishing the rest but life got in the way. I decided to hand it back to Justin to finish it off his new company is Revolution Hot Rods in Landsdale, PA.

Gotchas and Comments

The spoiler was trickey and Butch warned me you may see the seam over time and he was right. I year or so later it started to show. Its being re-worked but may end up going with carbon fiber from Anvil eventually.

I originally was thinking of KingDigIt door handles and smoothing the front markers. I decided to try doing smooth body color orig handles and phantom lenses for front. PA also has a law that cars need from markers but this being a custom build I can probably get around it but thought this would look great. You can be the judge on that. It’s getting close and will be done this year. Next I will show you where she is for summer of 2020, thanks…

To be Continued…


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