Update on my Flashing Woes

So this is a continuation of some of the drivetrain malfunctions that were ties to the BM3 flash for the engine. I had a session yesterday with one of the Protuning Freak gents to fix the problem that I had with the transmission flash not being applied. It looked like they reflashed it with the BMW transmission flash which was successful and allowed me to upgrade the transmission again with the eBM3 upgrade flash. Here was the original error:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pastedgraphic-1.png

I have also seen this error as well but I think this was due to me switching between Windows laptop and my Macbook Pro. In either case what they did fixed it as far as flashing and applying goes.

Unfortunately it did not completely fix my Drivetrain Malfunctions although it is better. What I mean by that is if I stay in comfort or sport mode and regular shifting it seems fine but time will tell. If I go to sport mode and and sport shifting and get into the throttle it gets a drivetrain malfunction again. I am getting another session with the protuning freak guys to see if there is anything we can do on my end.

Here is a snapshot of the errors in the ECU. I may put the BMW charge pipe back on and see if there is a correlation, but I will wait until I do another tune session.

After the Second Session

Well as of today the were able to get my transmission back to stock and since upgraded. Not soon after in sport mode and sport shift it errors out again with drivetrain malfunction. The protuning guys worked with me on another remote session and it is definitely tied to the upgraded transmission flash.

We verified this by going back to stock for transmission and stage 1 tune for engine. I then drove it like I did before when getting the errors. I didn’t see anything so he logged an escalation with the master tuner.

Too be continued…

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